Kevin is one of the truly gifted gems that we have right here in Lafayette! His presence is authentic, peaceful, loving, empathetic, healing and safe. I trust Kevin completely and intuitively feel that he has my greatest good in mind and wants nothing more than to help humans heal from deep wounds they may not even realize are affecting their lives. I highly recommend scheduling a session with Kevin even if you have no idea what to say or where to start. He will put you at ease and guide you through the process at your comfort level.

Director,Amaze Foundation

I love Kevin’s way of expressing himself and him being able to communicate in a conscious way. I love his presence … he is solid and loving, listening attentively and gives great feedback. I trust this guy to spread love in this world!

Tantric Academy

If I had to go and use words to describe the experience I had with Kevin it would be a heartfelt, warm and healing experience. Kevin’s support was well-received. If you’re on this page already, I believe it is a sign for you to get in contact and experience it for yourself.


I went to see Kevin for anxiety, stress and physical symptoms from working with the public during these difficult times. I cannot put into words the sense of peace and safety I felt when I first met him. I am a total loner and it is very hard to open up to others. Well, that was all washed away in the initial meeting on his patio. Kevin is a blessed and gifted human being/spirit. I have seen him almost weekly in the last two months. Initially, the anxiety was so high I was a ball of stress and physical pain. That is all gone! And, every day I feel stronger, calmer and happier! I have a lot of work to do on honoring and loving my self; and on setting healthy boundaries…..and, I also have a goal to stop smoking cigarettes. I am focused and determined to live my best life possible, and Kevin has been the key and opportunity to do so. . Kevin has been a prayer answered, and with his gifts and support I am managing my pains, anxieties and boundaries; I am accomplishing my goals and getting healthier and happier every day! I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of experiencing his God-given gifts and blessings!